Wed Jul 29 00:20:48 EDT 2009


Thanks to HN, I've been going through the archive of Paul Carr's former column for The Guardian. Carr's a technology journalist, specifically, a web technology journalist, and has an uncanny knack for making the most boring thing in the world ("social networking services") sound like non-stop cocaine-fueled parties. He's quite the writer.

But like every other technology journalist in the world, he's fucking batshit obsessed with twitter.

I'm not going to talk about why I don't like twitter (Think of your favorite criticism of the service, then imagnine me nodding along slowly) since twitter-hate is as cliche and played as twitter love.

Instead, the bblog policy will be, from now on, that twitter doesn't exist. No such thing. When it talks, no one hears.

Remember how I cited Jay Lake's twitter in the Star Trek afteraction-report? Never happened. And has concluded that is owned by a domain squatter, after four attempts to index me, so there's no wayback machine to contradict my airbrushing.

I'm sure everyone can agree that this is a much more mature course of action than whining about it. Now stop sending me invites.

Speaking of invites! Thank you, JackSparrow, for inviting me to HDahoy. I'd thank you directly, but there doesn't seem to be a messaging interface. Beta for a reason, it would appear.

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