Wed Nov 24 17:43:17 PST 2010

talking the talk VII

<bbot> Anyone else find it just a little bit patently ludicrous when atheist parents raise their kids to believe in santa claus?
<Hraban> nope
<Hraban> kids like fairy tales
<Hraban> let them have their fun while they're still little
<bbot> Being lied to is fun?
<Telva> Nikolaos of Myra was real :s
<bbot> Telva: herp derp a derp
<bbot> so was dracula, if you're being pedantic about it
* Telva still gets gifts from santa
<Hraban> i'm sure you wouldn't go into deep and detailed discussions regarding the rape of nanjing with your average 6 year old either, bbot
<Hraban> on average, children are spared the cruel realities of the world :>
<bbot> Hraban: Way to strawman the fuck out.
<@President_Allosaurus> Being lied to is GREAT fun
<@President_Allosaurus> Fiction is fun
<@President_Allosaurus> Star Wars was fun
<Hraban> not a strawman, children aren't told everything
<bbot> There's a little tiny difference between "not telling somebody a fact" and "telling someone an untruth"
<Hraban> meh
<bbot> Meh?
<Hraban> meh.
<Hraban> we tell children stories, so what?
<Hraban> or are you never going to read "little red ridinghood" to your children either since it contains FALSEHOODS BECAUSE WOLVES CAN'T TALK NOR DO THEY DEVOUR PEOPLE WHOLE
<bbot> Goddamnit, Hraban, there is a difference between telling a story, and presenting a story as literal truth
<Hraban> it's a fun ritual, get over it
<bbot> You don't start Little Red off by saying "Don't forget, this actually happened!"
<Hraban> i'm sure only a marginal percentage receive perpetual trust issues upon finding out santa isn't real
<bbot> Wait, hold up.
<Hraban> you don't say it never happened either
<bbot> Are you christian?
<Hraban> of course
<bbot> Oh, jeez, never mind then.
<Hraban> I worship the lord our God and his only begotten Son with all my heart and soul daily

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