Wed Feb 3 23:35:11 EST 2010

dorkbot february 2010 meeting

At the Feb 2010 Dorkbot Seattle meeting. Taking pictures. More later.


The first talk was by Dominic Muren, and was essentially an overview of personal manufacturing technology. Nothing I hadn't heard before, but with more minor technical inaccuracies that I wasn't nearly nebbish enough to stand up and object to.

The second talk was by Jigsaw's Willow Brugh, and again, was stuff I had already heard.

The third talk was by Matt Westervelt, who owns Metrix Wireless, (who I've bought networking gear from) runs, and whose newest venture is Metrix Create:Space, which is half coffee shop and half hacker space. His talk was mostly about bootstraping a Mendel Reprap from a Cupcake Repstrap from a cheap Chinese CNC laser cutter.

Not something I had heard of before. Quite interesting. I've been following the Reprap project for three years now, waiting for it to get good enough, and right now it's looking like it'd be a viable hackerspace build.

The third and a half talk was by Mark Ganter, and was mostly about counterfeiting feedstock for commerical 3D printers.

All in all, a good night. Now, if only Joey answered his damn phone, and I could have returned his graphic novel while I was at the University. Jeez, Joey. Jeez.

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