Mon Feb 1 00:47:06 EST 2010

why would they even put "renaissance" in the name

I attended the Jigsaw Renaissance hacker space open house on Saturday.

Shit was nerdy.

Jigsaw is conviently located right next to a elevated highway, and on the wrong side of the tracks, in what can be described as the "gritty" part of town. It's perfect!

The nerds are nerdy!

The desks are poorly lit!

The wiring is dangerously substandard! And the downstairs shop is entirely undocumented, since I completely forgot to take pictures of it!

For those of you who are not hip to the jive, or who didn't follow the wikipedia link in the first sentence, hacker spaces are essentially communes, but with machine tools. By becoming a member, I can build stuff I otherwise couldn't, especially now that I lack a garage.

It's pretty neat. I'll be posting about it more in the future.

(Unrelated: I wrote a script that automatically scales and uploads images, because I got tired of doing it manually. It's here, and is pretty neat, if I do say so myself.)


I went back and got some pictures of the shop. Behold:


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