Wed May 13 15:24:22 UTC 2009

Bad Transcript: Star Trek

As alluded to in the previous post, I was working on an bad transcript for Star Trek. Past tense, there, because it's done! Read it here.

As for an opinion of the movie unfiltered by the atmosphere of extreme snark the bad transcript format encourages, I thought it was excellent spectacle, unhindered by plot or the merest wisp of rational thought applied to why the characters were making the choices they made. But then, I've never been a Trek fan, perhaps this is standard for the series.

Update! Apparently Rod actually owns a trademark on "abridged script™", and he sent me a fairly self-effacing nastygram concerning the matter. I'd be pissed, except I'm totally ripping him off here.

While I was replacing any mention of "abridged script™" with "bad transcript", I took the time to correct some mistakes in the transcript itself. Enjoy, I guess.

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