Wed May 13 01:25:10 UTC 2009

.plan I

So internationally renowned mega-jerk Mirror recently nagged me about when I was going to move to the static IPs assigned to me by Worldlink. By way of rebuttal, and as an exercise in depression, I decided to list all the shit that I Should Be Doing. Brace for wall of text!

  • Write an abridged script for Star Trek before Rod does.
  • Install monowall on Hydrogen, which is currently running a broken, four year old version of IpCop. Stick it on a UPS, along with the DSL transceiver and WAP.
  • Move my home directory on Nitrogen to an external drive, back that up. Partially done.
  • Upgrade Nitrogen to SuSE. The Fedora install is embarrassingly broken in a number of arcane ways, (for one, it can't type ~'s for some damn reason, which is real handy when using ssh) and is using an ancient, unpatched version of Fedora anyway. Ideally, this would wait until I could put it on a UPS, and double ideally, until I moved, (30-60 days) since its uptime is sitting pretty at 157 days.
  • Assemble the parts for Iron when they arrive, cannibalize the video card from Magnesium, install Vista.
  • While I've got Magnesium open, clean the heatsinks and fan filters, install SuSE.
  • Finish the blog posts about fallout 3, mommybloggers, and Joel Spolsky.
  • Switch public keys, blog about that, write a plugin for philosecurity-style signed posts.

Wow, look at all that crap. Kinda makes me want to play some TF double.

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