Thu Feb 12 06:26:38 UTC 2009

a love letter to Zipcar, and some very local news

Dear Zipcar,
Fuck you. This is some serious bullshit right here.

Let me enlighten you as to how the FAQ format is implemented in HTML. You make a great big static file, and make a table of contents as a bunch of links to named anchors within that page. If you're being paid by the hour by a monolithic corporation, then you'll probably feel the need to slow it down with some CSS, perhaps some javascript crap to hide the unselected questions. That's cool, I can disable all that shit.

But what is absolutely unacceptable is making each link point to an external, php generated, page. No. Fuck you.

1.) Why the hell are you using php? How often are you changing these answers? In what way are they dynamic?

2.) I don't want to click through to read each god damn page. I don't care about the questions, I care about the answers, of which I want to read all of, in order. I am trying to give you money, here, and you are making it difficult.

Hate, bbot.

Also! My friend, Joey Frantz, has been quoted in a piece by the UW's newspaper concerning their chess club, of which he is the president. This means, contrary to the allegations of some, that I am not the biggest nerd in the world.

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