Mon Feb 9 17:16:20 UTC 2009

blogging software updated

So! Lots of stuff going down in bbot-pocalyptia these days. Here's some of the latest.

1.) I posted a link to the first part of my Fallout 3 review in the comments of a Twenty Sided piece and recieved one or two hits.

How many?

A few.

Which presented a bit of a problem, since I stupidly linked to the testing version of the blog, which uses pretty links. All well and good, except a few of the thundering hordes actually subscribed to the testing blog, which was unfortunate, since it was scheduled to be deleted once everything was implemented. .htaccess to the rescue!

As it turns out, .htaccess redirects are damn easy. The process is to A, create a text file named .htaccess, which will affect the directory it is in as well as its subdirectories, and B, add a line consisting of "Redirect 301 local file source, URL target". That's it!

So, if you subscribed to the testing blog's rss feed, your RSS reader should have been magically redirected to the correct RSS feed, and you should be reading this right now.

2.) During the testing, I managed to munge the original blog's configuration files, requiring that I upgrade the production blog ahead of schedule. There's no changes for anyone reading this in a RSS reader, (except it re-pushed old content) but the site has a fancy new theme and pretty permlinks. The next upgrade will include commenting, I promise.

3.) There will be some more changes in the near future, specficially, the category and atom RSS feeds will be disabled. Don't subscribe to them!

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