2008/09/08 06:23:24

Liveblog: PAX, day 3

1506: I'm in the PC Freeplay line. The line, which I dismissed as being absurdly long the previous two days is now easily twice the length. But I will perservere!

1513: As usual, the line's bark is worse than it's bite.

1543: Interesting half hour match of TF2. The pings were low, but the equipment was actually worse than the stuff I have at home, and there was no voice chatter. So, by "interesting", I mean "shitty".

1604: This time, I'm going to wait in the SCII line until I get to play.

1625: Oh god, what have I gotten myself into.

1629: Challenged dude in line next to me in a three round rock paper scissors match, for a DTS button. He played rock all three rounds, and beat me.

1706: I get to play!

1720: Let this be a lesson in humiliating defeat. I was given 20 minutes in which to defeat a Zerg AI player set to "Easy". In the following 16 minutes I discovered that a single battlecruiser does not acquit itself honorably against the Zerg Horde. With four minutes left, and zero resources, I gave up like a pussy, and ran away to cry about it.

1734: Man, I am absolutely starving. I'm headed to the Pioneer Square food court to get somethin to eat.

1757: I had some shrimp tempura rolls, but they weren't that filling.

1801: Apparently everything starts closing at 6:00 PM. I guess I wasn't that hungry?

1809: Looking through my expo guide, I discover that PAX closes at 6:00 PM as well. AWESOME!

Post-PAX debrief: I played (sucked) Starcraft II, participated in the LAN, and didn't do much else. Was it worth it? Sure, but next year I'll BYOC, and try to attend with someone. I didn't see Ben this day, which was a shame, since I was planning on doing some quality hardware-gloating, inre: the HD 4870 I just bought.

tl;dr: A++, will attend again.

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