2008/08/13 15:15:39

a pox upon both your houses

So O'Reilly Radar posted about the upcoming Ignite event at Gnomedex.

"Awesome!" thought I, "An Ignite in Seattle! Where do I sign up?"

From Gnomdex's site:
This summer, hundreds of the world’s leading bloggers, podcasters, and tech-savvy enthusiasts will once again descend upon the city of Seattle, Washington.
The eighth Gnomedex conference is generating buzz in the blogosphere, which underscores our reason to produce it. Indeed, we will once again become the crossroads between producers and observers, between users and developers.
Uh oh.
What Do You Get?

* A single-track conference with quality content
* A full conference pass
* Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages (unlimited)
* Wi-Fi, professionally managed
* Your own electrical outlet for power
* The official Gnomedex t-shirt
* Business networking opportunities
* Free online promotion in the Gnomedex Blogroll… and more!
Uh oh.

Gee, this is starting to sound like one of those insanely expensive bullshit marketing "conferences". Just how much do these tickets cost, anyway?
New Gnomedexer
If you've never been to Gnomedex before, this is the ticket for you!
Aug 21, 2008 $599.00
Protip, jackasses! Bloggers don't attend $600 a head conferences; people with expense accounts attend $600 a head conferences. If you want to be hip and cool, try charging about five hundred dollars less.

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