2008/08/09 07:42:28

another day in the life

So what happened this week? Not much!

Wednesday: My eee pc arrived, and oh my god it is just as cute as hell. Reading about it on the internet failed to convey its size, so here's some size comparisons, using random crap from around the office. (water bottle, two gig ipod nano)

And one with one of my enormous mitts covering the keyboard.

It's friggin tiny! The ergonomics are a predictable trainwreck, and it sure ain't fast, but what do you want for three hundred and ninety nine US dollars?

There was a bum violently objecting to be thrown out of the building just outside of my office today. It was a nice way to start the day.

Also, I shocked myself for the first time at work! I was replacing a ballast (for the second time, since the first one was DOA) and I brushed up against the hot wire.

Q: Why didn't you cap it off, jerkface?

A: I did, assface, but the wirenut fell off.

We use 277 volts for the lighting circuits, so it was pretty spectacular. I let out a kind of "Augh ugh ugh ugh" noise and stumbled off the ladder. I, of course, had a witness, which was great. I taped that son of a bitch wire nut back on, which was somewhat unwise, in retrospect, since I only had one more connection to make before bringing the fixture back online; but I would be damnned if I let that little bastard shock me again.

Nothing else of interest, except that the 15:40 301 was both unusually early (by a full three minutes) and unusually uncrowded.

You want more Failtrain drama? Heck yes you want more failtrain drama!

Kyonko defends himself against my vile accusations.
<Kyonko_> what was this one man attack on tf2chan
<Kyonko_> what is this
<Kyonko_> and when did this happen
<Kyonko_> i do not remember doing this at all
<Breakable> i remember that lol
<Kyonko_> i only read the parts that were near my name
<bbot> when they didn't show up for the scrim, and you micspammed their server
<Breakable> it was the day we had the scrim against mantrain
<Kyonko_> well
<Kyonko_> i chatspammed
<Breakable> you went to their server and ran around
<bbot> and they got pissed, and saz had to talk them around
<Breakable> and yeah
<Breakable> did that
<bbot> and they left after a few rounds anyway
<Kyonko_> i just remember chatspamming
<Breakable> yeah it was pretty lame
<Kyonko_> i don't remember what else you guys are talking about
<bbot> that is perhaps due to your exceptional stupidity
<Kyonko_> or

[time passes]

<bbot> nice rebuttal
<Kyonko_> i know right

What happens when you shut down a server in response to widespread abuses of power? Why, people copy you. And then they impersonate you. For the record, my IP is, and I still don't know the rcon password. That didn't stop Dr. O, however. The logs are of #tf2, which is linked to the failtrain via FailtrainRelay. Comments to be relayed to the server are prefaced with !failbot.msg.
19:52 <%FailtrainRelay> (| *TKM* | Dr. O): you gonna write about it in your blog some more bbot?
19:52 < bbot> !failbot.msg WILL DO
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> ([TGIF] Balki Bartokomous): do you have a journal?
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> ([TGIF] Balki Bartokomous): actually
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> (jclark): dammit, I don't get uber from you if you god mode :(
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> ([TGIF] Balki Bartokomous): a diary seems more appropriate
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> (| *TKM* | Dr. O): bbot does
19:53 <%FailtrainRelay> (Scruffy): !slay kermit
19:53 < bbot> !failbot.msg bbot.org/blog/
19:53 < bbot> !failbot.msg quick, alt+tab out of tf2 and go there
19:53 < bbot> !failbot.msg or, you know, not
19:54 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): SPIES EVERYWHERE
19:54 <%FailtrainRelay> (OhshiAppledrink): !slay Dr. O
19:54 <%FailtrainRelay> (OhshiAppledrink): !slay Kermit
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): noscope'd
19:55 < bbot> !failbot.msg !slay !@me
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (Ambassador Dick von Butticus): !slay some
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (| *TKM* | Dr. O): !slay shan
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): aww
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> ([TGIF] Balki Bartokomous): GO SAZ YOU CAN DO IT
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (Tach'ko): Wait for it...
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): timeleft
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (Tach'ko): Got 'em
19:55 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): nextmap
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (俞坤霞Eva=HKC=): lol
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !god kermit 0
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (OhshiAppledrink): !slay Saz
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (Scruffy): /godmode scr
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (Sazpaimon): !god @all 0
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !god @all 0
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !god @all 0
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): ;_;
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (jclark): dammit, you wait until I die
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !slay @blue
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (Ambassador Dick von Butticus): doh
19:56 <%FailtrainRelay> (MajorMcOaf): lol
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (Justin): !noclip @all
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): OH GOD
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (OhshiAppledrink): !unfreeze Apple
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (俞坤霞Eva=HKC=): D:
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !god king 1
19:57 <%FailtrainRelay> (| *TKM* | Dr. O): !kick @!me
19:58 <%FailtrainRelay> (俞坤霞Eva=HKC=): hurrr
19:58 -!- Scientus [chatzilla@nin.ja] has joined #tf2
19:58 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): :C
19:58 <%FailtrainRelay> ([TGIF]Kermit The Frog): GO MAN, GO
19:58 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !god @blue 0
19:59 <%FailtrainRelay> (King of the Internet): !slay dr.
19:59 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): D:
19:59 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): ADMINS = FAGS
19:59 <%FailtrainRelay> (Scruffy): /slap @all 50
19:59 <%FailtrainRelay> (OhshiAppledrink): !slay Dr. O
20:00 <%FailtrainRelay> (| *TKM* | Dr. O): !ban tach'ko 30 existing
20:00 <%FailtrainRelay> (俞坤霞Eva=HKC=): D:
20:00 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): BAWWW
20:00 <%FailtrainRelay> (俞坤霞Eva=HKC=): oh god
20:00 <%FailtrainRelay> (Justin): sm_rcon quit hurrrrrrrrrrrrr
20:00 <@Scruffy> /r/ removal of dr. o's cheat commands
20:01 <%FailtrainRelay> (shanitos): dohohoho
20:01 <%FailtrainRelay> (bbot): YOU GUISE R MASSIVE FAGGOTS!!! I HAET YOU ALL!!
20:01 -!- FailtrainRelay [failbot@muffins.rawr-A915721F.onlinehome-server.com] has quit [Client exited]
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 < bbot> !failbot.msg oh god I'm in two places at once
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:01 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:02 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:02 <@Scruffy> RAGE SERVER SHUTOFF
20:02 <+Sazpaimon/cultnet> that was great
20:02 < bbot> fucking saz inpersonating me
20:02 < bbot> er
20:02 < bbot> impersonating?
20:02 <%RMC> Wage souvah shutowff
20:02 -!- jclark [Josh_Clark@muffins.rawr-15317BAF.dynamic.ip.windstream.net] has joined #tf2
20:02 <@Scruffy> and it was dr o
20:02 <@Scruffy> not saz
20:02 <+Sazpaimon/cultnet> even without access to the server
20:02 < jclark> hurfa durf
20:02 <+Sazpaimon/cultnet> rcon from "": command "exit"
20:03 <@Scruffy> not my address
20:03 -!- FailtrainRelay [failbot@muffins.rawr-A915721F.onlinehome-server.com] has joined #tf2
20:03 -!- ServerMode/#tf2 [+h FailtrainRelay] by cultnet.janus
20:03 -!- DocO [Doctor@cult-ac7fcc0a.wi.charter.com] has joined #tf2
20:03 -!- ServerMode/#tf2 [+h DocO] by cultnet.janus
20:03 <%DocO> yea
20:03 <%DocO> YEA
20:03 <%DocO> YEA
20:03 <%DocO> YEA
20:03 <%DocO> YEA
20:03 <%DocO> FUCK YEA
20:03 -!- mode/#tf2 [+b *!*@*.bbot] by DocO
20:03 -!- mode/#tf2 [-b *!*@*.bbot] by Scruffy
20:03 < bbot> lol wut
20:03 <%DocO> ;_;
20:03 <+Sazpaimon/cultnet> that was the best 10 minutes of failtrain
20:03 <+Sazpaimon/cultnet> ever
20:03 <@Scruffy> yes
20:03 <%DocO> bbot why'd you crash the server?
20:03 -!- mode/#tf2 [+oooooooooooo DocO FailtrainRelay RMC Sazpaimon/cultnet bbot coleco Cryomancer/cultnet janus jclark K2 MajorMcOaf Ovolbrod] by Nikki
20:03 -!- mode/#tf2 [+oooo poe_ QuiQafooQey Quisty Scientus] by Nikki
20:03 -!- mode/#tf2 [-o+b bbot *!*@*.bbot] by DocO
20:03 -!- bbot was kicked from #tf2 by DocO [DocO]
--- Log closed Tue Aug 05 20:03:55 2008
--- Log opened Tue Aug 05 20:04:48 2008
20:04 -!- bbot [bbot@bbot.bbot] has joined #tf2
20:04 -!- Irssi: #tf2: Total of 17 nicks [5 ops, 1 halfops, 0 voices, 11 normal]
20:04 <%DocO> FUCK YOU RAXO
20:04 -!- Irssi: Join to #tf2 was synced in 3 secs
20:04 -!- mode/#tf2 [+b *!*@*.bbot] by DocO
20:04 -!- mode/#tf2 [-b *!*@*.bbot] by Scruffy
20:04 < bbot> I didn't crash the damn server, I'm still banned.
20:04 -!- mode/#tf2 [+b *!*@*.bbot] by DocO
20:04 < Vu> so
20:05 < Vu> whats going on
20:05 < Vu> over here
20:05 -!- bbot was kicked from #tf2 by DocO [DocO]

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