2007-05-23 23:00:59

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Gerard Figurelli wrote on Mar 5, 2007 at 10:25 PM
So I was thinking about the difference between a lands ruled by only right-wingers vs. a land ran by only the left. So here was how I picture a left wing ran nation:

On my way to the local 7/11 to pick up kitty porn and marijuana, I pass a drive through abortion center with drug addicts getting offered the daily special of 2 baby murders for the price of one. Then after I finally reach my second destination which is the welfare line, I will be able to pick up my government pay check when I am unemployed from a Mexican immigrant working the counter making 10.50 an hour. But I am not done yet, I decide to stop buy every QFC from Shoreline to Everett in hopes that one checker will say "merry Chrisman" instead of "happy holidays" so I can sue a successful American business for something that I pretend to hurt my religious moral views. So in order to protect those views I go to church where I show my two adopted Chinese children that two men having sex is very natural and should be adopted as an act of normality by mainstream society. While two homeless American children are outside digging in the trashcan for lunch. Then I drive my gas guzzling Dodge Durango LE because American corporation no longer have the need to technologically advance because the entire country has adapted to communistic ideals. In turn we emit more CO2 emissions and hope Japan can adapt to our ways with what will become "Eastern hypocrisy." All in which will take place in between OPEC controlling our economic market and the Taliban working American immigration with the hopes of improving foreign policy.
Or not.

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