2007-03-05 20:31:39

omg google

Google is taking over my life.

Some background: I use two or three computers regularily. It used to be a pain keeping up to date, since I only control one of those computers, and that's the one that had my RSS reader on it.

Then I discovered Google Reader.

"Neat!" thought I. "A way to check my feeds from any computer!" So I signed up, plugged in my feeds and was happy. Then I discovered Google's personalized homepage, which is essentially a 1998-esqe portal page, only it's actually useful. It's got a bunch of widgets, two of which are a Google reader reader, and a little thing that shows your top five newest gmails.

Then I heard that google's calendar can import .ics calendars, so I switched all my calendar feeds to that too, and started noting appointments through it.

The sheer convinence of it was starting to get creepy, (What used to take three different applications on two different computers was now one page) I convinced myself that it didn't really matter.

Today I found out that G-mail can speak SMTP, and thus import mail from several different accounts. So I plugged the "bbot@bbot.org" address into it, then realized something.

Pretty much everything I do on the internet now goes through Google. All the conspiracy theory shit has come true. Google is the new Microsoft.

I should be unhappy, but the sheer power! You pathetic mortals cannot possibly comprehend my greatness! I HAVE BECOME GOD HIMSELF!

(I'm still not signing up for a fucking blogger account, though. My soul is safe in that respect.)

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