Sat Jul 2 16:41:16 PDT 2011

baying apocalyptic death cult

I'm reading Thailand's Moment Of Truth: A Secret History Of 21st Century Siam after it was linked on /r/DepthHub, and it's pretty good.

Apparently Marshall had to quit his (twelve-year) job to publish it, which displays some extraordinary testicular fortitude. It also allows him a certain degree of editorial freedom he perhaps did not enjoy while working at Reuters.

The Yellow Shirts were initially a broad-based and relatively good-humoured alliance from across the ideological and political spectrum that drew together royalists and liberals, radical students and middle-class aunties, progressive activists and patrician establishment patriarchs, united in opposition to the increasingly baleful influence of Thaksin Shinawatra; over the years they morphed into a proto-fascist mob of hateful extremists addicted to the bloodcurdling rhetoric of rabble- rousing demagogues. The Yellow Shirts proclaim their undying love for the king, but it is the flipside of that love that has transformed them into a baying apocalyptic death cult: they are utterly petrified about what will happen once Rama IX is gone.



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