Mon Jan 24 08:33:05 PST 2011

wherein bbot begs for money

Well, it's come to this.

The section of my budget earmarked for spending on toys and web hosting for my blog is exhausted. Since I am understandably recalcitrant to dip into the "buy food and pay rent" fund, I find myself at an impasse. If I don't pay up, and soon, it's all going away.

If you like what you read, here, and if you want me to keep writing stuff like it, then consider donating. It will go to the best possible cause. (Me.)

The bblog doesn't have advertising, partly because I hate ads, and block them, and partly because my traffic is pathetic. I don't want to put in ads. You probably don't want me to either.

I want to give you piles of cash, but I hate paypal! What should I do?

What, you don't remember the post I did last month about Bitcoin? You can send anonymous, untraceable money using it, though it may become quite difficult to actually convert that money into dollars at some point in the future, for reasons I bang on about interminably in that post. My address is 1MjsXQNNXJNTbqis7yWVsShTiLa95aV6Mv.

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