Tue Aug 31 21:56:42 EDT 2010

wherein bbot gets rained on with nerds

So I went to MinecraftCon 2010. It was wet.

In a masterpiece of planning and foresight, the Minecraft forums decided to hold it in a Seattle park in early September.

The occasion was, of course, that the man himself was in town to meet with a software company, widely presumed to be Valve. It is, of course, just as likely that he was meeting with Microsoft, but I'll reserve judgment, given my lousy track record predicting the moves of the game industry.

Notch was indeed in attendance, as promised.

As well as a creeper cosplayer.

The maker was too much of a wuss to forge through the crowd to get the head signed, so I interceded for him.

I'm uploading this now from a Mod Pizza outside of the park. More later.

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