Tue Jun 29 04:25:09 EDT 2010

after e3, the death of copper2

A few items of no particular import:

Copper2, the machine that hosts bbot.org and friends, had a hard drive failure a couple days. After arguing with serverpronto for a couple days, they replaced the hard drive, but charged me $70 to install Debian 5 on it.

Of course, I had backups, but they're ancient. The one I had for bbot.org is five months old... so I've lost two posts.


Of course, I have all the source files, but importing them is tedious, so I'll add them over the next few days.

As for my E3 predictions, nobody released a hardware upgrade at all, giving me a magnificent .000 batting average. This is disappointing, in that I was proven wrong and because I love new hardware, but curious, as Sony keeps insisting that Killzone 3 will be in 3D. I really don't know how they'll deliver the doubling in FPS required for 3D gameplay, as well as the upgrade in graphics expected in a major sequel.

But hey! They're the ones running the media conglomerate, presumably they're the ones who know what they're doing, oh no wait they've lost millions of dollars on a succession of failed bets, whoops, my bad.

As for Microsoft, they renamed Natal to Kinect, (YES) and showed off a bunch of demos... none of which showed people using it sitting down. Hmm.

They also formally announced the Xbox 360 Slim, a smaller version of the 360 Fat. This is great news for Microsoft shareholders, since it costs less to produce than the former console, but can be sold for more, since it's new and shiny. Unfortunately, it features absolutely no new hardware at all... besides the memory card slots, which have been removed, just as I predicted.

Nintendo didn't do anything interesting, except talk about the 3DS, which is old news, yawn.

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