Thu Mar 12 20:05:39 UTC 2009

Abridged Script: Gran Torino

So, right after watching Gran Torino, I wrote most of an abridged script for it. It never got posted, since Rod's abridged script formatter is, of course, based on CSS, and lack both the knowledge and the patience to integrate it with the bblog's CSS. I considered just putting it on a external page and linking to it from the blog, thus circumventing the CSS problem entirely, but that seemed kinda lame, so I didn't.

Well, Rod forced my hand by posting his own abridged script of Gran Torino. Forced by the prospect of abandoning entirely something that I had invested (an exceedingly minor amount of) effort in, I'm officially posting it. It's here. You should read it! It's much funnier than Rod's version, which he kind of phoned in. Not that I have any vested interest in trashing Rod's script, or anything, nope.

Seriously, though. Read mine.

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