2008/09/29 03:47:19

spacex achieves orbit, finally

Yesterday SpaceX performed the first privately funded orbital launch in history. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Fucking finally!" Weren't we supposed to be doing this back in 1950? Reality: Letting the aerospace industry down since, well, forever.

Here's the only decent video of the launch I could find:

21:25 < bbot> the space age starts now
21:25 <&ponbiki> lol
21:25 < bbot> the last fifty years were just a warmup
21:25 * ponbiki waves
21:25 <&lien> bbot, your frail white body would never make it in space
21:25 < bbot> Is that a bet?
21:26 <&ponbiki> oh my
21:26 <&lien> yea, that's right
21:26 < bbot> One dollar, I'll be in space before 2020.
21:26 <&lien> bring it
21:26 <&lien> make it 5
21:26 <&lien> five dollars
21:26 <&ponbiki> hrmmm
21:26 < bbot> These gentlemen's bets are usually one dollar, but inflation, sure.
21:26 <&lien> lol
21:27 <&lien> then it is written!


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