2008/09/25 03:51:02

a love letter to MCM Electronics

Dear MCM Electronics,

I would dearly love to give you my money. In fact, I am literally sitting here with my credit card in hand, primed to type in the magical numbers on its face that would instantly transfer a sum of money to your bank from mine.

Perhaps that's why you are making it impossible to put what I want in my cart. After all, you're a huge electronics wholesaler with an eye-gougingly terribly designed web-site, and I'm some guy in Seattle. Hell, you don't need my business! Apparently, I can just go ahead and fuck off!

I understand, I've made it hard on you. Rather than endure your hilariously slow search engine, I've gone directly to the product pages. How dare I do such a thing! In response, you have, perfectly reasonably, caused the contents of my cart to change randomly depending on which part of the site I'm in. That'll teach me to try and bypass the morass of uncategorized and product picture-less crap that you call a site! After all, who needs pictures? Doesn't everyone instantly understand what 33404 - T-HANDLE HEX 3.0 X 150MM T-HANDLE HEX 3.0 X 150MM T-HANDLE HEX 3.0 X 150MM is supposed to mean? Screw them if they're not the kind of autist who memorizes product numbers for fun. MCM doesn't need their money!

Love, bbot.

But seriously, folks, I absolutely cannot wait until someone like Newegg, someone who, in short, knows how to run an e-commerce site, comes out of nowhere and blows these dinosaurs out of the water. Protip, guys! If you feature your paper catalog on the front page of you web site, then you are a fucking fossil, and should do us all a favor and die.

If people are writing their own search engines to navigate the sea of crap that is your catalog, and receiving great press as well as piles of money, then you are doing it wrong.


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