2008/05/12 00:40:50

caustics, bbot.org errata, emerald city comicon

So, when messing around in my account at NFSnet, I found out that they now offer offsite backups through rsync.net, which is all kinds of cool. But it's a buck forty per gigabyte, so I went through the root directory of bbot.org and cleared out some junk; then went and updated its WHOIS information with my new address.

I also got shadowing working right in blender-yafray!

Unfortunately, I accidently told blender to render the whole animation. It's been chewing at it for a good twelve hours now, and is only up to frame 145. Fortunately, it was at quarter-1080p, so it shouldn't take the weeks and weeks I estimated for a full render. I'll post it on vimeo once it's done, I guess.

I also also attended the Emerald City Comics Convention. It was as nerdy as one might expect. While there I bought the Man Of Stone trade. I had read part of it already, (illegally, of course) but finishing it was nice. And badass! Don't forget that.

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