2008/04/07 06:40:56

talking the talk

MystMystMystMyst: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointless_topology
bbot: I've yet to see any practical applications of topology.
bbot: In short, I think it pointless.
bbot: There, that's your topical joke.
MystMystMystMyst: I found a copy of Fire Upon The Deep.
MystMystMystMyst: It looked very space-opera-esque.
bbot: Indeed it is.
MystMystMystMyst: As long as there's lots of hard science and bloodshed.
MystMystMystMyst: There isn't romance, is there?
bbot: I could tell you, but it might cast a light on some developments which may cause you to come to some conclusions before they are warranted. With that said, yes! There is gobs and gobs of romance. Nearly half the book is taken up with candlelit dinners and professions of love!
MystMystMystMyst: Oh fuck.

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