2008/03/11 08:36:05

blackberry, why must you bedevil me so

So, my blackberry comes with a neat little utility called "memos", which, oddly enough, allows you to write memos. I've been using it to write bits and pieces of various things, and it finally came time that I had enough that I wanted to actually export them in a usable format. How is this done, you ask? Easy!

  1. You back up the device using RIM's terrible backup utility. This takes an oddly long time, seeing as how it's only backing up text, and over a USB2 connection at that.
  2. This produces an .ipd file, which is some wacky proprietary binary format, and cannot be read by any linux utility.
  3. Find a program which claims to be able to read .ipd files; which is of course shareware, since it targets a tiny user base of people with too much money.
  4. Download the free version, to discover that only lets you export ten memos at a time, because the cocksucker who wrote it wants twenty bucks.
  5. Produce four .txt files of ten memos each, by hand, taking an inordinate amount of time.
  6. Copy this over samba to the linux computer.
  7. Use cat to mash the files together, then manually, again, paste each one into Tomboy


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