2006-08-19 12:37:01


So me, Thomas, Shea, Eamon and Dave are driving back from the bowling alley.

The road is wet, and i am not wearing my seatbelt. This is important later.

We see a guy we know, and speed up to pass him. We're going kind of fast, so I yank on my seatbelt to lock it, and wrap it around.

There's a turn at this point on the road, and Dave turns a bit too hard, loses traction, overcorrects, and spins through a lane of traffic to smash into a guardrail in front of a steep dropoff. All this takes about five seconds. No other cars are hit, although someone swerved to avoid us and rearended a van.

We get out, and there's a ragged hole in the bumper, and the car is leaking radiator coolant and oil.

I see this, and say, "Hey! Free oil change."

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