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Main good news
  • Enhanced dynamic activation of blocked embedded objects when JavaScript is allowed (e.g. Yahoo videos).
  • More compatible anti-XSS filters.
  • "Click to play" protection against WebGL exploitation, now also on whitelisted sites (can be enabled in NoScript Options|Embeddings)
  • Better Firefox 4 UI integration.
  • Security and Privacy Info page is shown whenever you middle-click on sites exposed by NoScript's UI, either in the menus or in the Whitelist options tab.
  • Middle clicking NoScript's toolbar button temporarily allows all on current page.
  • More reliable WAN IP detection for router protection.
  • Better out-of-the-box compatibility with Paypal buttons on non whitelisted sites.
  • Strict X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff support, to prevent "upsniffing" of script, image and stylesheet content, in addition to the inclusion type checks already enforced by NoScript on cross-site requests. This features lets Firefox 4 + NoScript (in "Allow Scripts Globally" mode!) achieve a 14/16 score on Browserscope's Security Test.
  • More compliant HSTS implementation.
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