Mon Oct 15 18:24:59 EDT 2012

why does nanoblogger generate broken links

(Attention conservation notice: I found an obscure bug in my blog publishing software. You are unlikely to care about it.)

google 404 errors

Why the hell does my site have so many broken links?

I'll spare you the grimy details of the hour of troubleshooting, and jump right to the punchline. Nanoblogger 3.4.2 has a bug which generates bad relative links when you do ./nb update all

Nanoblogger is no longer updated, so this isn't a problem that can be solved by upgrading. I didn't want to dive into the parsing engine, so I had to find a workaround, which turned out to be pretty simple: just update it a year at a time. ./nb update YYYY works perfectly. (ex. ./nb update 2012) I've only got six years of archives, so all I had to do was run it six times.

I'm posting this incredibly boring post in the hopes it'll save one of the six other users of nanoblogger some confusion in the future.

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