Thu Feb 16 07:07:12 EST 2012

more repping, rapping

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Hey, the ORD bot is available for preorder, now with a standard 210mm^3 (Mendel-sized) build volume. It's just the mechatronics, you still need an electronics package, (skip the stepper motors) as well as an extruder.

(Note: the major cost of 3d printer filament is, interestingly enough, materials handing costs. Plastic is cheap, but machines to extrude it at millimeter thicknesses is expensive, esp. when you have to monopolize it for a hour just to extrude a handful of kilograms. 1.75mm filament is rather more than twice as expensive per kilogram as 3mm filament, since it takes longer to extrude an equal amount of mass. It is debatable if the slight improvement in build quality is worth the price.)

A video of it printing at a studly 160mm/s:

Pho, as they say, war. Lesser printers top out at 40mm/s, at best.

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