Mon Nov 21 17:33:26 EST 2011


(Attention conservation notice: You'll note that this post, unlike the last six, isn't tagged "important." That's because it ain't.)

Things I've unsubscribed from recently:

  • Ribbonfarm. Prime example that the Gell-Mann amnesia effect isn't just for newspapers. I wrote a refutation of another Ribbonfarm post eight months ago, where I concluded that he had no idea what he was talking about... but didn't unsubscribe from his blog. It took reading this post for me to realize, "Hey, wait, this guy's an idiot!" Also, he won't shut up about his book.
  • Megatokyo. I realized that I had been reading Megatokyo since middle school, yet I couldn't tell you what the last year of plot was about, nor did I particularily care about any of the characters.
  • Twenty sided. This one was kinda hard. About a month ago, Shamus started writing a series of autobiographical posts. I unsubscribed in disgust, (I didn't really want to read what was pretty much "bbot's childhood, yet worse") intending to pick it up again once he stopped. I checked back, saw that the autobiography series was over... and then noticed that almost all of the front page were daily posts about Shamus' video LP series.

    I don't really want to watch other people play video games I've already completed. What's even worse is that all of Shamus' high-level video games criticism work goes into his LP, now, which means no more traditional game reviews. Obviously some people enjoy them, since they get thousands of views. I just have better ways to spend half a hour a day.

    This is hard because a big chunk of my readership comes directly from Twenty sided, and this post will probably result in some unsubscriptions. But man, I just give no shits about his LP. None at all. If it was possible to just subscribe to his code projects, I would, but I can't, so I won't.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court. Got tired of the stupid shit it kept saying about the philosophy of science, and AI. That, and the moronic error it made about the underwater dorms, (10 metres is not terribly deep, but if you spend 8 hours at depth, decompression is required before returning to the surface, or else you're in for the full spectrum of amusing neurological effects resulting from nitrogon fizzing out of your blood and shredding brain tissue) finally pushed me over the edge.

    I briefly flirted with the idea of doing a long-form post about the fundamental errors of thought underlying Gunnerkrigg Court, and I got a couple hundred words into it before I realized what a collosal waste of time this was. You would have to pay me money to get me to write about that crap. Haha, wait, hold on.

    (EDIT: Donation button removed, because I forgot that I don't have access to that paypal account right now, for various reasons.)

    Okay, here, you can pay me money to write about that crap. Donations will go towards a hamburger, and some of Burger King's awful, terrible coffee.

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